Who is Yogamaya 9?

Yogamaya 9 is a mystic, spiritual poet, healer and guide who helps people attain Self-realization. She is a trained Kundalini Yoga practitioner. Her spiritual inclination has been evident since her childhood. Even as a child, she started singing classical devotional songs, which she had learnt from her grandmother. If people ask Yogamaya 9 who she is, she instantly replies with a smile: “Ask this question to yourself. If you’ll know who you are, you’ll know who I am.”

Yogamaya 9 was born to a Yogi and hails from a distinct spiritual lineage, which incorporates different mystical elements based on different paths, which ultimately leads you to the oneness of light, love and compassion (truth). Yogamaya 9 heals people using the energy of Lord Hanuman and the divine number 9, which also happens to be her birthdate. She spent several years abroad pursuing her higher education (PhD) and work.

Who is Yogamaya 9?

She currently lives in India and travels the length and breadth of the country to help people spiritually through her healing sessions. Occasionally, she also travels outside India to conduct spirutual sessions. She also helps people through her spirutual products (e.g. shells, bags, candles, incense sticks, Yantras, books) that she creates and energizes. Her spiritual sessions are suitable for people of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds, regardless of their destiny for their current birth.

She cleans the chakras (energy centres) of people and initiates those who are truly deserving, thereby making way for the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti, the primeval divine energy that is the basis of the cosmos. She urges people to realize themselves in this very birth and to be freed from illusion and associated misery.

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