What is Self-realization?

What is Self-realisation?

Re-alization consists of 3 Re’s

1. Re-ceiving the blessings of the supreme consciousness (also known as God)

2. Re-moving your ego and all your Karma (actions and reactions) that are obstructing your reunion with your supreme blissful consciousness

3. Re-birth into the supreme consciousness (your true Self) and to be forever freed from the misery of physical and material existence.

If you do not use this present human body to know who you are then you’ll be susceptible to more births and deaths. End the cycle of misery by getting to know yourself (the truth) now!

The good news, the bad news and the transcendental news

Let us see the bad news first. Don’t the majority of us like to “save the good news for the last”?

The bad news can be understood from the following quote

So, when everything depends on you alone, then how can anyone else liberate you? Others can only trigger questions in your mind; only you can find the answer which comes from your heart. But, the bad news comes with a happy ending–if you want to be free then YOU have to make the effort to know who you are (that YOU were, you are and are always free). None can eat food on your behalf, none can breathe through their nose on your behalf, and none can find liberation on your behalf. Your life is YOUR journey, which YOU must walk until YOU get to YOUR destination (your Self)!

To summarize, you just need to desire to know the truth in order to know (realize) it. This is what the seers of all the world religions have said and practiced. That is great news considering that many people think that it is very difficult to become liberated. No matter what a difficult situation you are in, there is always a way to come out of it. The way to is actually within your heart, besides it is all an illusion. When you stop looking for the destination and stand still in silence, you will have already reached your destination (the end of your long karmic trail).

The transcendental news can be understood from the following quote:

“There is no good or bad because both are an illusion in the end. That’s the ultimate news - the ultimate.Your true Self is the effulgent light, which is the unblemished witness consciousness at the core of your heart. It transcends both good and bad. It is the absolute everlasting bliss, your true nature.”