What is destiny?

In Sanskrit, the word Karma means both action and reaction. In the Western world, I’ve come across many people who believe that Karma only means consequence(s) of an action. Little do they know that the consequence(s) are a result of some action, which is also called Karma.There are three types of Karma. Subtotal of Karma from all our lifetimes is called Sanchita karma; the Karma that we bring in our current birth, that is, the consequences of our actions from a previous life or lives, which have already started to give results, is called Prarabhdha karma (known as destiny) and karma that we perform now, which will give their results in the future, is called Agami karma. Imagine a quiver full of arrows; this entire bunch is Sanchita. The arrow that we pick to release for this birth becomes our Prarabhdha and the arrows left from which we will choose one for our future birth is Agami.Out of all these three, Prarabhdha is what is most important because, it is something that is the most relevant to our current birth. In other words, our destiny is what affects us the most in this lifetime. Have you ever wondered why there are so many beggars on the street? And why are there so many millionaires? Why is someone well educated while some don’t even get a chance to education? Some suffer from health problems and some don’t. What is the spiritual meaning behind our social disparities and problems? Our Karma! All our actions from our previous lives are stored in our subtle body, which we carry with us at the time of our death. It is just like storing data on cloud system. The space is unlimited. Even according to the laws of physics, no information is ever lost from this universe except for the case of black hole where everything reaches a single point known as singularity. And whether information survives beyond this point is something that has baffled great scientists for ages. Spiritually, there is an explanation for this. If one realizes their Supreme Self, whichis called ‘enlightenment’, one’s total Sanchita karma (information of the mental ripples from the past) is totally wiped out from the storage of the subtle body.

In fact, there is no subtle body after liberation, because the entire mind and its components have all merged with the Self, which is why even remembering Karma will not make the body bear its consequences. With Sanchita wiped out even the Agami has no scope. If all arrows are lost then what can you pick for a future birth? However, Prarabhdha can only be gotten rid of by experiencing and exhausting the destiny. Great Yogis do not try to change their own Prarabhdha even though they have the spiritual powers to change their own destiny. In stead, they use these powers to help humanity and to impart Self-knowledge to everyone.The experience of the singularity is the cosmic oneness in spiritual terms. So, in scientific terms, information is lost but not lost. It is not lost because an enlightened soul can still remember all its Karma as well as the Karma of other beings. But information is lost in a sense that it no longer bears any consequences or relevance to the enlightened one. The process of entering and merging into the black hole of the supreme consciousness is an interesting one. All this happens while the Jiva (the individual ego or ‘I’ consciousness) is in a state of Samadhi (deep meditative absorption). When anyone looks at the Yogi’s body externally, they will declare him/her clinically dead, as the Yogi will have no breath, no heartbeat, no brain function and possibly no other sign of life in his/her body from a scientific viewpoint). But the Yogi (one who has entered the Samadhi) can keep his/her body intact, i.e. he/she can ensure that others won’t touch the body and cremate it by mistakenly thinking that it is dead. This state is achieved by the Yogi using a special Siddhi (supernatural power). Time stops for the Yogi in Samadhi, as he/she enters a black hole. The Yogi may have even spent several years in Samadhi but when his consciousness re-enters his earthly body, the time seems to be stagnant and the year, date and hour is the same as it was just before the Yogi entered Samadhi. The Yogic absorption allows him to access any spiritual realm located anywhere in the cosmos. Whatever object or location the Yogi focuses on before his Samadhi, he can enter that realm or merge with that object more easily. He can go through the cosmic consciousness hole and come out in a realm of his choice. He can choose to remain there for however long he wants, as this will not affect his time on earth. The core of the black hole of consciousness is a dense white light (the Supreme Self). This is the general process before Kundalini Shakti awakens (enlightenment occurs). The Yogi’s consciousness is ejected back into his body like current passing through his body. When this happens, each cell in the Yogi’s body is reborn. All diseases physical, mental and spiritual of the being he one was are wiped out and the supreme consciousness shines forth without any hindrance. Everything about the cosmos becomes clear to the enlightened one.

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