What does Yogamaya 9 do?

Yogamaya 9 shares her divine energy with the most deserving participants (through Shaktipat), who have already worked with her on their spiritual development in the previous lives. This is known as Deeksha (sacred initiation), in which the divine energy is transferred to an individual only after assessing that he/she is devoted, sincere and truthful. The individual must make Self-realization (Moksha) his/her only aim in life. This does not mean that he/she will stop performing his/her daily duties in life or walk away from responsibilities. To the contrary, one must fulfill all their duties without being attached to the consequences of their actions, while being absorbed in the pure-bliss-consciousness. You will not worry or be affected anymore about any problems that you may face in your life. You will be freed from sorrow. To reach this spiritual level, it takes immense focus, determination, time, patience and the divine grace to master. The blissful state attained upon knowing oneself is known as enlightenment or liberation (moksha). Moksha is beyond reading or reciting scriptures or performing ritualistic worship. It is about Self-realization, to realize our own Atma (Self). Yogamaya 9 makes everyone realize this truth.