Public Spiritual Session Registration Fees

INR 1,800.00

Disclaimer for public spiritual session registration fees
In case enough participants do not register for an event, it will either be cancelled or postponed. If it is cancelled, the fees paid by any individual will be refunded, once he/she provides her account details. If the event is postponed, then the fee paid will be automatically taken towards (considered for) the registration of any future event. For events that are conducted, there will be no refund once you register.

Please note that your name, surname, email phone number and address should be the same in the consultation query form that you fill as well as in the details that you fill at the time of making the payment. Only if you do this correctly, can we confirm that you have successfully paid and have registered for the spiritual event. If there is a mismatch in the details of the registration form and your personal details in the payment section, it will cause unnecessary delay in registering you for this event.


The fees for 1 public spiritual session is 1800 INR. Each session consists of 3- hour workshop of chakra cleansing, meditation, intense healing, removing the energy blockage and the transfer of divine energy.