Personal Spiritual Consultation Fees


Disclaimer for personal consultation fees
In some rare cases, Yogamaya 9 may decide not to respond to a personal consultation query for a spiritual and/or another reason. In this case, the reason may or may not be provided to the person registering and the fees that he/she would have paid will be returned once he/she sends in his/her account details. For the consultations that Yogamaya 9 decides to give, there will be no refund, even if the person remains unsatisfied with, disagrees or differs from Yogamaya 9’s response and her views.

Please note that your name, surname, email phone number and address should be the same in the consultation query form that you fill as well as in the details that you fill at the time of making the payment. Only if you do this correctly, can we confirm that you have successfully paid and have raised a query. If there is a mismatch in the details of the consultation form and your personal details in the payment section, it will cause unnecessary delay in responding to your consultation.


The fees for 1 personal consultation with Yogamaya 9 for one person

is 1800 INR. Each consultation is based on a particular theme (e.g. health or career or relationship). It is not possible to combine two or three themes, instead you will have to fill the form and pay separately for each new query based on a different theme. In case you consult Yogamaya 9 for someone else, then please choose your relationship with that person. The fee will be charged according to the number of people added. You will have to fill in a new form and pay separately for every new person that you add.

Vastu consultation for your home and/or your office (organization)

Yogamaya 9 does Vastu consultation for your home as well as your your organization (office). However, the fee for this service varies and can only be decided based on the nature of your query. If you want a Vastu consultation for your home or for your organization (office), then please contact Yogamaya 9 by email to know the possibility of a consultation and the associated fee structure.