Shirdi Sai Baba 9 Mystical shells

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Shells are found on the seashore. The snail that lives inside the shells comes out but eventually must return to its shell. Similarly, we come into this world, where we must perform our duty and must return to our true home (our Self/heart – the abode of the blissful truth). Our life is nothing but a journey on the seashore of life and death cycle (Samsara Bhavsagar). Whatever problem, fear or worry you may have right now, these 9 mystical Shirdi Sai Baba shells graced by Sai and energized by mystic Yogamaya 9 offers you great spiritual strength and solace to face any problems courageously. With the help of these 9 mystical shells, you can turn your fear into positivity, your worry into strength and your problem into opportunity by keeping these 9 shells at home (in your prayer room) and/or in your purse/wallet or at your office desk. You can also keep them in the place where you find extreme negativity and trouble e.g. your study room or bedroom. You can also carry the shells in your bag everyday to create immense positivity and good luck. These shells attract good fortune, peace and prosperity and will help you rapidly progress on the spiritual path in this lifetime. It will become your spiritual kavach (protective shield). The shells may look tiny but they are enormously spiritual so please do not judge them based on their size. Their spiritual effect cannot be estimated. They come in a colourful sachet along with some blessed Vibuthi/Udi (holy ashes).

*This product comes with Vibuthi (Udi)

*Important Product Disclaimer (Read this carefully before purchasing)

*This product cannot be shipped outside India. So, if you are based outside India, then please do not order this product.


Instructions for use

  1. Wake up on a Thursday morning between 4 -5 AM. Make sure that you finish the following steps latest by 5.30 AM.
  2. Take a shower, light a Diya (lamp) in your prayer room and offer some milk, fruits, incense sticks and flowers to the almighty.
  3. Apply Vibuthi that comes with these shells on your forehead.
  4. Now, hold the shells in your hand and pray to the almighty to be rid of your problems.
  5. Now, you can place the shells either in prayer room itself or keep them in your purse/wallet. You can also keep them in a place of your choice, where you think maximum positivity is needed.   
  6. Each pouch consists of 9 energized shells. The 9 shells that come in a pouch must always be kept together and must never be separated and kept in different places.
  7. If you want to use the shells in multiple places, then it is better to buy 3-4 pouches of the shells. In this way, you can keep a pouch in a different place of your choice e.g. one on your office desk, one in purse/wallet, one in your bedroom, one in living room etc.
  8. If you donate these shells to those in trouble (e.g. family members, relatives, friends, office colleagues), you will also be helping yourself come out of your own problems in life. Just like you donate food, money or clothes to help others, if you donate these 9 shells to those who are suffering, then it will help their spiritual growth as well as yours. So, you can buy pouches for them and give it to them.
  9. If your prayers are sincere, you will be rid of your worry and negativity within 90 days of using the shells. 



These 9 mystical shells are not available in any retail outlet, it is only and exclusively available on Yogamaya 9 website. If it is sold anywhere other than this website, e.g. in a shop or by any individual, then know that it is not a genuine product made and energized by Yogamaya 9.

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