Shirdi Sai Baba 9 Mystical Diyas

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Sunshine is needed to put an end to the darkness but unless there is darkness, there would no purpose of sunshine. So, your problems in life are in fact the stepping-stones to your progress on the spiritual path. In each birth, you bring a certain destiny based on your actions (Karma) in your previous lives. You receive the fruits of actions from previous births through the functioning of the nine planets (navgrahas) in Vedic astrology. These planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu) also act as a catalyst in your performance of new actions in the present birth, which will form a basis for subsequent births. Surely, one’s destiny cannot be changed completely, but by appeasing these 9 planets, you can reduce the ill effects of your destiny, so that you get enough opportunity for Self-realization, which will ensure your freedom from karmic bondage and subsequent births. These 9 Diyas are a humble offering to the 9 planets (Navagrahas). They appease the planets and ensure their grace and blessing upon the believer. The planets will stop being very harsh with the one who lights these lamps and will shower their blessings. Whatever problem you may have right now, you can get immense hope, positivity, courage and instant relief by lighting these 9 Diyas graced by Sai and energized by Yogamaya 9. While lighting the Diyas, just think of the problem that you are facing and pray to the almighty to be rid of your worries.

*This product comes with Vibuthi (Udi)

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Instructions for use


  1. Wake up on a Thursday morning between 4 -5 AM. Make sure that you finish the following steps latest by 5.30 AM.
  2. Take a shower, and offer some milk, fruits, incense sticks and flowers to the almighty.
  3. Apply Vibuthi that comes with these Diyas on your forehead.
  4. Now, place the 9 Diyas on the altar of your prayer room and light them. Pray to the almighty to be rid of your problems.
  5. You can also buy another 9 Diyas to light at a place of your choice other than the your prayer room, where you feel that positivity is needed. This could be your office room, study room or living room. Be careful not to allow children, elderly people or pets near the fire. Also, keep the lamps away from any flammable objects while they burn, and make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in the room.
  6. Each pack consists of 9 energized Diyas. The 9 Diyas that come in a pack must always be lit together and must never be separated and lit in different places. Make sure that all the Diyas burn out completely till the end. This may take a couple of hours. If one or more of the Diyas burns out prematurely, light it/them again. Use one set of 9 Diyas to address only one problem.
  7. If you want to use the Diyas in multiple places or multiple problems, then it is better to buy 3-4 sets of Diyas. In this way, you can use a Diya set in a different place of your choice for a different problem e.g. one for your office, one for different parts of your, your prayer room or your study room etc.
  8. If you donate these Diyas to those in trouble (e.g. family members, relatives, friends, office colleagues), you will also be helping yourself come out of your own problems in life. Just like you donate food, money or clothes to help others, if you donate these lamps to those who are suffering, then it will help their spiritual growth as well as yours. So, you can buy these Diyas for them and give it to them.
  9. If your prayers are sincere, you will be rid of your worry and negativity within 90 days of using the bag. 



These Shirdi Sai Baba 9 mystical Diyas (lamps) are not available in any retail outlet, it is only and exclusively available on Yogamaya 9 website. If it is sold anywhere other than this website, e.g. in a shop or by any individual, then know that it is not a genuine product made and energized by Yogamaya 9.


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