Shiva Satguru Guru Saibaba Shirdi

Sai baba strongly believed in One ultimate source of all creation – God who is the ultimate Truth. One’s religion or caste or creed or colour does not matter because we all are one. This is what he meant when he repeatedly used to say “Allah Malik Hai” (God is the King) and “Sabka Malik Ek” (Everyone’s Lord/ultimate destination is the same). Whoever went to him seeking solace and spiritual help or even materialistic help, he would be there to support them. This legacy continues even today. Due to him being an incarnation of Lord Shiva (the pure bliss consciousness – Satchitananda Swaroop), he could cure and continues to cure anyone coming to him for help.

All beings in this world have to leave their physical form one day or the other, and so, Sai Baba left his physical body on his own will on 15th Oct. 1918 but his spiritual energy (Shiva form) is spread everywhere in this universe. The way He led his life peacefully and blissfully and in a simplistic manner became the very divine message that He wanted to convey to people. He wore a torn Kafni (a long robe worn by Sufi Saints), he used to beg for his food, and used a brick as pillow. He always kept a smile on his face despite heat or cold, the sign of a Yogi. He is beyond time and space and the entire Shirdi still resonates with the message “Why fear when I am here.” The Saint of the highest mystical order still guides thousands on the spiritual path, a journey inwards until they realize who they are and what they are born for.