Self-realization (Moksha)

The term ‘Maya’ in Sanskrit means “illusion” and the term ‘Yoga’ means the divine communion of the individual Self (Prakriti, which gives rise to man’s ego) with the Supreme Self (Purusha - Truth). Yogamaya is the divine illusion created by truth (God) in order to remove the egoistic illusion of man and to ultimately make him realize the truth (pure bliss consciousness). 9 is the divine mystical number through which Yogamaya helps man realize this supreme truth (which in other words is called Moksha or liberation). Yogamaya 9 gives out small shells to those who seek her guidance. These shells contain her divine energy and the power of her divine love, which can remove all sorts of negativity in one’s life and offer protection from evil. The shells also act as a good luck charm for attracting peace, attainment and prosperity.

9 Spiritual Shells of Yogamaya 9

Yogamaya 9 can send you 9 small shells (energised by her spiritual power and wisdom) by post along with instructions on how to use them for spiritual growth. Please get in touch with her to get these shells. Please note that a small fee will be charged for posting these shells to your address.

The path laid by Yogamaya 9 for Self-realization (Moksha)

Yogamaya 9 offers you a comprehensive path to reach the truth (the Supreme Self within your heart. If you have realized the Self, then you have attained Moksha/liberation). Any person regardless of their religious background, gender, age, nationality and ethnicity can choose to walk on this path. Anyone who approaches Yogamaya 9 for spiritual help will be invited to walk on this path but the choice will always be up to the individual. Even your pet animals can be given spiritual guidance based on their capacity to comprehend the truth. So, Yogamaya 9 not only helps humans spiritually but also other living beings. There are 3 levels on the path led by Yogamaya 9. Each of these levels can be taken in individual sessions and/or group sessions. For more details, contact Yogamaya 9.

LEVEL 1 NPT - Nau Pag Tarika/Nine Point Test

This stage consists of basic inner cleansing (this takes a minimum 9 months)

This is the first step towards Self-realization. There are 9 themes (9 secrets of great Yogis), which are applied to remove the egoistic dirt of the mind. The 9 themes include: (i) Self-reflection (ii) Sacrifice (iii) Time control (iv) Gratitude (v) Forgiveness (vi) Dedication (vii) Use of fire (viii) Breath control (ix) Let go. This basic cleansing technique must be done on a daily basis (for a minimum of 9 minutes each day) for at least 9 months continuously. A series of sessions will be conducted during these 9 months to appraise the progress of the spiritual aspirants. Only those who have progressed on the spiritual path can progress to level 2.

LEVEL 2 Chakra Dhyana – Kundalini Yoga and other mystical techniques (Khanda manda yog, Trataka etc.)

This stage consists of intermediate inner cleansing (this takes a minimum of 45 months)

This is the second step towards Self-realization. Here, Yogamaya 9 will prepare the spiritual aspirant for the ascent (awakening) of the Kundalini. First, the seven chakras 1. Mooladhara (located at the base of the spine), 2. Svadistana (located below the belly button), 3. Manipura (located at the solar plexus), 4. Anahata (located at the heart), 5. Vishuddhi (located at the throat), 6. Ajnyeya (located in between your eyebrows), and 7. Sahasrara (located at the crown of your head) are rigorously cleansed using Kundalini Yog (Chakra Dhyan). Each of these chakras have inherent supernatural powers (siddhis), which become visible and accessible as and when the chakras are cleansed. For example, cleansing the Mooladhara chakra makes us trust people and trust ourselves, cleansing the Svadistana chakra makes us tap into our creative potential, cleansing the Manipura chakra improves our stamina, courage and wisdom, cleansing the Anahata chakra helps us heal and love ourselves and others, cleansing the Vishuddhi chakra improves our communication skills, cleansing the Ajnyeya chakra improves our extra sensory perception and clairvoyance, and cleansing the Sahasrara chakra makes us realize our Supreme Self (the truth pervading the entire cosmos), which liberates us from the birth-death cycle (Samsara). At the intermediate stage, the aspirant is also cleansed using other mystical techniques to prepare them for the third and final stage (Deeksha), which is described below. In this intermediate stage, the chakras are only cleansed and prepared for the spiritual awakening. The actual awakening is done only through Deeksha (initiation), which is explained below.

LEVEL 3 Deeksha (Sacred Initiation)

This stage consists of ultimate inner cleansing (this takes a minimum of 99 months)

After the first two stages, the spiritual aspirant will be assessed to see if he/she is ready to receive Deeksha from Yogamaya 9. If the aspirant is found eligible and dedicated towards realizing the truth, Yogamaya 9 will share her spiritual energy of number 9 to initiate them into her divine lineage. After the Deeksha, the spiritual aspirant will either immediately attain the truth (Self-realization) or it can take time depending upon the destiny (consequences of the deeds of the previous lives which have fructified in the current life) of the aspirant, which still has to be exhausted before shedding the physical body or before realizing the truth. So, after Deeskha, some aspirants may attain the truth at the time of shedding the body. Also, even if a person has learnt Kundalini Yog elsewhere (from a school or by themselves), they still are advised to go through the 3 levels starting from the NPT with Yogamaya. This is because, you must be aligned with the spiritual guide’s energy, and also, what you have been taught before may or may not have led to your spiritual development. Also, please note that not everyone might be eligible for Deeksha, in which case, they have to revisit the first two levels (NPT and Kundalini Yog) to see where they are lacking on the spiritual journey.

The above figure explains the path laid by Yogamaya 9 for Self-realization (Moksha)

Please note: The time taken for Self-realization varies for each individual, it cannot be generalized. Hence, only the approximate minimum duration can be stated for each level and that too may vary among individuals depending upon the depth of the mental impressions (dirt or ripples in their mind) from their previous lives, their desire to realize the truth and their deeds (karma) both in this life and the previous lives.

9 FAQ’s about the spiritual sessions of Yogamaya 9

Most frequent questions and answers

Contact Yogamaya 9 for more information to know when and where the NPT (1st level), Kundalini Yog (2nd level) and Deeksha (3rd level) will be held. Please note that due to some spiritual reasons, Yogamaya 9 does not offer sessions all around the year. This keeps varying each year so cannot be generalized and put on the website. So, please get in touch by email to know the exact dates of the scheduled sessions.

“I am Saturn (Shani), who is dreaded by men and misconceived as wrathful, slow and lazy. But I am the one who makes men devoted to the truth and clears their mind which is hazy. I am not friends with the energetic Mars, the brave commander-in-chief waging wars, but my best friend Hanuman is an Ansh (portion) of Mars, whose orders I never disobey. Thus if he commands me to help you, then I gladly remove all the obstacles on your way.”

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