Samadhi Mandir Saibaba Shirdi

The Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi is the place where the sacred body of Baba is resting in blissful peace. The Samadhi and idol are built with white marble.The mandir draws in thousands of devotees each day and follows all rituals, prayers and timely offerings (Aarti) to Sai Baba from 5 AM till around 10 pm. The very minimal itemsused by Baba have been preserved and are displayed in a special Sai museum in the Mandir complex. The Samadhi Mandir was actually owned by a famous Sai devotee Gopalrao Butti. He initially planned to keep an idol of Krishna there. However, Sai Baba manifested himself as Krishna and the temple became the Samadhi Mandir of Baba. The temple has many pictures depicting the life of the saint and his closest devotees. On certain occasions the temple is kept open overnight e.g. on Guru purnima, Dusshera, and Ram Navami. The Samadhi of any saint is always active even after the physical demise of the saint. Such is the immense spiritual vibration of the resting place of a Saint like Sai Baba.