Public Spiritual Sessions

Yogamaya 9 conducts spiritual sessions in different cities in India and abroad. The aim of the sessions is to make people transcend the day-to-day challenges and to help them realize the truth (themselves). Yogamaya 9 transfers the divine energy to the deserving spiritual seekers and guides them on the spiritual path. But she also reminds them that the ultimate Guru is they themselves. There is no external Guru everyone is his/her own Guru. If you wish to forget your worries and fears and attain true bliss, come and try out a session with Yogamaya 9 and experience the divine energy (present within you) for yourself.

At the moment, Yogamaya 9 conducts sessions in Chennai, Shirdi, and Bengaluru. You can find all the upcoming events by Yogamaya 9 on the homepage, where you can pay and register for these events.

On this page, you will find another form where you can register for all future sessions and also choose the city from the list of cities, where you are most comfortable to attend the sessions. If a considerable number of people would like to attend a session in your city, she will conduct a session there.

Yogamaya 9 speaks Hindi and English and conducts sessions mostly in these languages. If it is held in Chennai, then Tamil is also used.

Step 1. Register yourself with Yogamaya 9

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Get inspired and guided by mystic Yogamaya 9 on your journey towards Self-realization. Get rid of all your worries! Remain blissful! Be true! Be you!