Shirdi Sai Baba Shani Mystical Collyrium


If you feel low, stressed or depressed, one reason is your destiny but another reason is also due the negative energy surrounding you. Every person or living being has energy and his/her own aura. When you meet and interact with people, or any living beings (plants/animals) etc., you take over some of their energy and pass on your energy to them. Many people see Shani (one of the key planets among the Navagrahas) as a cruel planet, which always gives hardship and gets you into trouble. But, Shani is the planet that can remove all the negativity in one’s life by giving extreme devotion to Guru (God/truth), detachment from materialistic (illusory) world and mystical knowledge. This is the reason why Shani sits in Shirdi and in Shani Shignapur near Shirdi, as he is deeply associated with Shirdi Sai Baba. Collyrium, which is in black colour appeases Shani, as black (and even dark blue) is Shani’s favourite colour. This collyrium blessed by Shirdi Sai and Shani and energized by Yogamaya 9 will remove the hardships from your life and especially cancel out the negative energies around you. It will protect you from Buri Nazar (ill intentions/jealousy) of others towards you. You can also get Sai Shani’s grace by putting this collyrium under the ground by digging the ground of your land/property. This must be done on a Saturday between 4.30-5.30 AM. Let Sai Shani protect you and bless you. You will experience the bliss in your life in due course.

*This product comes with Vibuthi (Udi)

*Important Product Disclaimer (Read this carefully before purchasing)

*This product cannot be shipped outside India. So, if you are based outside India, then please do not order this product.



Instructions for use

  1. Wake up on a Thursday morning between 4 -5 AM. Make sure that you finish the following steps latest by 5.30 AM.
  2. Take a shower, light a Diya (lamp) in your prayer room and offer some milk, fruits, incense sticks and flowers to the almighty.
  3. Apply Vibuthi that comes with this collyrium on your forehead.
  4. Now, hold the box, which contains the collyrium in your hand and pray to the almighty to be rid of your problems.
  5. Now, apply a little collyrium on your forehead and some on your eyes. If you cannot put it on your eyes, then at least put it on your forehead. Leave the collyrium box in the prayer room.
  6. Repeat the above process for 8 more days.
  7. For all the 9 days, you must go outside with the collyrium on your forehead and eyes.
  8. If you want to use the Shirdi Sai Shani mystical collyrium to ward off negative energies in multiple places, then it is better to buy 8 collyrium boxes and leave each of them in a corner of your house and your office (place one in North, West, East, South). You can also get Sai Shani’s grace by putting this collyrium under the ground by digging the ground of your land/property. This must be done on a Saturday between 4.30-5.30 AM.
  9. If you donate this Shirdi Sai Shani mystical collyrium to those in trouble (e.g. family members, relatives, friends, office colleagues), you will also be helping yourself come out of your own problems in life. Just like you donate food, money or clothes to help others, if you donate this collyrium box to those who are suffering from negativity and depression, then it will help their spiritual growth as well as yours. So, you can buy bags for them and give it to them.
  10. If your prayers are sincere, you will be rid of your worry and negativity within 90 days of using the bag.



This Shirdi Sai Baba Shani mystical collyrium is not available in any retail outlet, it is only and exclusively available on Yogamaya 9 website. If it is sold anywhere other than this website, e.g. in a shop or by any individual, then know that it is not a genuine product energized by Yogamaya 9.

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