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Do not worry! Your problem may be financial, health related, career related, relationship related or any other issue. Whatever problem you are in, the Shirdi Sai Baba mystical bag offers you a divine solution to come out of your fear, worry and stress. Surely, your destiny cannot be completely changed, but with the help of Sai’s divine grace, you can certainly stop worrying about your problems and find a solution even when all the doors seem to be shut. These mystical bags carry the mystical paintings done by Yogamaya 9 and are personally energised by her and graced by Sai, which will help you come out of your fears, problems and worries in no time.

Shirdi Sai Dwarkamai Bag

In Sai Dwarkamai bag, Shirdi Sai Baba is seen sitting in front of the holy fire (Dhuni) in Dwarkamai (home of Sai’s compassion and blessings). Dwarkamai is the home of Shirdi Sai, where he used to sit from day till night and received his beloved devotees, to whom he offered the sacred Udi (Vibuthi/holy ashes). In this picture, one can also see the Nimbar in the center of Dwarkamai, the sacred place where Sai is eternally present even today to guide those caught in misery, and who climb the steps of Dwarkamai.

Shirdi Sai Kafni-Mojari Bag

Sai Kafni-Mojari bag is the painting of the dress and footwear that was worn by Shirdi Sai Baba. Kafni is a long robe worn by Sufi saints and the Mojari is a type of flat footwear worn by saints and even emperors.  The Kafni and Mojari of Sai as you can see is worn out, old and ragged, as the Saint of Shirdi was so simple and humble that he would not even mind the state of his external appearance. He always emphasized on internal perfection and seeking the ultimate truth within our heart.

*This bag is made of organic cotton

*This product comes with Vibuthi (Udi)

*Important Product Disclaimer (Read this carefully before purchasing)

*This product can be shipped outside India, but we cannot send it along with Vibuthi (Udi).

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Shirdi Sai Dwarkamai Bag, Shirdi Sai Kafni-Mojari Bag


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