Personal Spiritual Consultations

If you have any personal challenges, fears or worries and wish to contact Yogamaya 9 to address any of those to Yogamaya 9, you may take up contact with her by filling the form on the right-hand side. Yogamaya 9 will try to respond to your message as and when she finds the time. Please note that due to her hectic schedule, she may not be able to respond to your query immediately. So please be patient. Yogamaya 9 also provides Vastu and astrological consultation. You can get in touch with her for the same.

Please note that the personal consultations are chargeable. Please find the link on right-hand side to make the payment. Once the payment is made and you’ve filled in your details correctly and have raised a query, you should receive a response within two-three weeks. If you haven’t heard by then, please send an email. Very rarely, Yogamaya 9 may choose not to respond to the query of certain individuals. This could be for spiritual or practical reasons. In this case, a mail will be sent to you, asking you for your bank details to refund the consultation fee that you’ve paid. For the queries that Yogamaya 9 responds, there will be no refund.

What will you receive in this consultation?

You will receive a response in the form of a pdf report (one-to two-page summary) to your query, in which a spiritual solution will be suggested to solve your problem. Solutions are based on Vedic astrology,
Vastu Shastra, numerology and other deep mystical elements. Problems are due to one’s destiny and the solution suggested cannot completely alter one’s destiny, but it will certainly help the person attain mental
peace and face any problems courageously. If one’s destiny permits, and with the divine grace, problems may also be solved as desired. Yogamaya 9 intensely meditates and prays for the wellbeing of those contacting her for consultations, and only then suggests remedies.

Please note that after you receive your pdf report, you can ask only one question to clarify any doubts based on the text in the report. Further questions or topics will be considered as a new consultation, which you’ll have to pay and register to receive the consultation.

The fees for 1 personal consultation with Yogamaya 9 for one person is 1800 INR. Each consultation is based on a particular theme (e.g. health or career or relationship). It is not possible to combine two or
three themes, instead you will have to fill the form and pay separately for each new query based on a different theme. In case you consult Yogamaya 9 for someone else, then please choose your relationship with
that person. The fee will be charged according to the number of people added. You will have to fill in a new form and pay separately for every new person that you add.

Vastu consultation for your home and/or your office (organization)

Yogamaya 9 does Vastu consultation for your home as well as your your organization (office). However, the fee for this service varies and can only be decided based on the nature of your query. If you want a Vastu consultation for your home or for your organization (office), then please contact Yogamaya 9 by email to know the possibility of a consultation and the associated fee structure.

  • Disclaimer: Information shared will be kept confidential and it’s just to understand your background better to help suggest appropriate spiritual measures
  • You will be redirected to make the payment, Please fill in the same details entered in the form.