Faith Patience Shraddha Saburi Saibaba Shirdi

Faith without patience is basically found in people who start off with great belief in God/Guru, but their faith starts to shake over time because they lack patience. So, when something doesn’t go their way, they lose faith too. Patience without faith is found in those people who can wait but lack faith in God/Guru, they do not believe in destiny and nor in themselves. They simply lack faith. So, faith without patience is just as meaningless as patience without faith. According to Shirdi Sai Baba, a true Guru always asks for two coins from his disciples and that is Faith and Patience. In Hindi and Marathi this is known as ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’. Both are no different from each other, if one is there; other has to be present. We should not expect the fruits of our actions (Karma), this expectation is what makes us take repeated births and deaths (be caught in Samsara). One should have complete faith and patience in our Guru. We must accept life as it is and simply do our duty and surrender all our actions and their consequences to our Guru, who will take care of everything. We are reaping the results of what we sowed (our actions from our past lives). When we place complete faith and patience in our Guru, our Guru will make us forget all our worries and will make sure that any hard time in our fate is eased and we come out of any problem in life unharmed.