Can our ego Self talk to our Supreme Self?

Man is full of conflicts and questions. At first he tries to clarify all his doubts with the external world and with people around him. But then he realizes that the other peopleare just as confused as him. Their own questions have not been answered. But where is the problem? Is it the questions that are difficult? No, the problem is with the nature of the answer. It cannot be told, it can only be realized. And another problem is that man has been seeking answers from all the wrong places. Even after years and possibly lifetimes of searching, if manhasn’t found the answer outside then naturally, it must only exist within him. One of the best spiritual exercises that you can do on a daily basis is to buy a mirror and start talking to yourself by looking in the mirror. People have a wrong notion that talking to oneself is foolish and only those with mental problems do it. But this is where they are mistaken. It is perfectly normal and healthy to converse with oneself. Most of the leaders and successful people whom I know have one thing in common – they constantly speak to themselves. It’s just like when you enter a supermarket and while picking up grocery, you speak to yourself and recall what you were planning to buy. Doing this ensures that we do not forget the purpose of our visit to the shop. Similarly, talking to our Supreme Self helps us reduce our ego and helps us remember the purpose of our birth, which is to realize our Self. Rather than talking to the ego Self of others, it is best to go in silence and talk to our inner Self (Supreme Self). At some point, our Supreme Self comes to help us – to guide us towards right direction but this happens only if we start having an open conversation with our Self.Tags: yogamaya9

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