Yogamaya 9 started composing poems as a child. However, it was only in her late twenties that she began writing spiritual books. Her books are mystical by nature but are suitable for those who are spiritual as well as those who are beginners on their spiritual path. She believes that simple language can help understand spirituality. But, stresses on the fact that being spiritual requires no language and is beyond the comprehension of any language. Two of her books are presented below.

1. Yogamaya 9 manifested on earth on 9 March 1987 in a spiritual family in India. Others noticed her spiritual inclination when she was a child, when she started learning Bhajans (Indian devotional music) from her grandmother.

2. Her father, a spiritual soul, taught her several mantras and sacred chants. She started composing spiritual poems from her childhood.

3. A quote from her diary, which was written when she was 10 years old, is as follows:

The books are available on Amazon India. You can find them by keying “Yogamaya” in the search tab on Amazon. You can also contact the publisher directly. Watch this space for more books in the future.

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