9 Saivrat Thursday Saiaarti Saibhajan Saibaba Shirdi

Vrata or Vrat in Sanskrit means to take a vow with complete devotion. It typically includes fasting or letting go of something that you like to consume or do. This self-imposing sacrifice is done in order to improve the lives of your loved ones. Prayers to get them out of any danger and to ensure that they get good health and happiness are accompanied with the vrat.The results of the vrat are seen sometimes immediately after the vrat is over or within the near future. You can take any deity as the main focus of your vrat, to whom you pray and seek blessings from. Here is how you do the Sai vrat if your focus is on coming close to Sai and to seek His abundant blessings for your health, happiness and prosperity.

  1. First of all, this vrat has to be done on 9 consecutive Thursdays.It can be started on any Thursday. One should pray to Sai Baba with complete devotion for the fulfillment of the desire for which the Vrat is done.
  2. Keep a photo or an idol of Sai Baba. Clean it with water and wrap a yellow colored cloth around it. Put some fresh flowers and light Diya and incense sticks near it on all 9 Thursdays.
  3. Meditate and read Sai Satcharitra and Hanuman Chalisa on each of the 9 Thursdays in the morning and evening.
  4. Sacrifice one food item and/or liquid item that you want to sacrifice for the 9 Thursdays. On this day, it is better to follow a diet which is bland, not too oily or spicy and is pure vegetarian. Avoid binging on food.
  5. Offer home-made food, sweets, milk and fruits and distribute the same to the people around you.
  6. During this vrat, it is important to meditate daily and not to involve in unnecessary arguments or talk. Talk only when required otherwise keep chanting Sai name and mantra and focus on your spiritual development.
  7. Once the vrat is over after 9 Thursdays, you can distribute sweets and Sai Satcharitra or Sai Baba’s idol or photos to as many people as possible. You should ideally also make a visit to Shirdi.