9 Mystical Shells

Whatever problem, fear or worry you may have right now, these 9 mystical shells energized by Yogamaya 9 offer spiritual solace to face the challenge courageously. Turn your fear into positivity, worry into strength and problem into opportunity by keeping these 9 shells at home (in your prayer room) and at your work place. You can also carry them in your bag everyday for positivity and good luck. Wake up on a Thursday morning between 4.30-5.30 am, take a shower, light a lamp and pray to the almighty. Apply Vibuthi (holy ashes) that comes with these shells and start using the shells. Hold them in your hand and pray to be rid of your problems. If your prayers are sincere, you will let go of your worry and negativity within 90 days of using the shells. These 9 mystical shells are not available in any retail outlet, its only available on this website. If it is sold  outside this website,  then it is not  produced or energized by Yogamyaa 9  and is a duplicate, which wont give the intended spiritual effect and it cannot solve your problems