9 Mystical Diyas

Whatever problem you may have right now, you can get immense hope, positivity, courage and relief by lighting these 9 lamps at once. Wake up on a Thursday morning between 4.30 -5.30 am. Take a shower, apply Vibuthi (holy ashes) that comes with these Diyas. Think of the problem you are in and pray to the almighty to be rid of your worries. Now, light the 9 lamps. Make sure they burn out till the end. This may take more than a couple of hours. If a candle burns out prematurely, light it again. Use one set of 9 Diyas to address one problem. If you have multiple problems, use different set of 9 Diyas for each problem. If your prayers are sincere, you will let go of your worry and negativity within 90 days of using the shells. These 9 mystical shells are not available in any retail outlet, its only available on this website. If it is sold  outside this website,  then it is not  produced or energized by Yogamyaa 9  and is a duplicate, which wont give the intended spiritual effect and it cannot solve your problems.