9 facts about Yogamaya 9

1. Yogamaya 9 manifested on earth on 9 March 1987 in a spiritual family in India. Others noticed her spiritual inclination when she was a child, when she started learning Bhajans (Indian devotional music) from her grandmother.

2. Her father, a spiritual soul, taught her several mantras and sacred chants. She started composing spiritual poems from her childhood.

3. A quote from her diary, which was written when she was 10 years old, is as follows:

“If birds are meant to fly, why must man be born and die?”

4. Her academic merit got her a PhD in healthcare management from Europe, where she spent several years pursuing higher education, and had a successful career.

5. She has contributed articles and poems to various spiritual magazines (such as Tattvaloka of the Sringeri mutt and the magazine of Pandrimalai Swamigal Ashram). Recently, she has started publishing her own books (see Work by Yogamaya).

6. She has a noticeable cut on her jaw just like Hanuman, which she got while playing as a child, proving her divine connection with Hanuman.

7. She contributed to the opening of Sai centers in Europe and in India alongside devotees. She has given spiritual discourses at those centers and has taught yoga and meditation.

8. She is trained in Kundalini Yoga and interprets the scriptures of all religions. She does not like anyone being discriminated based on his or her faith or background.

9. She uses the cosmic number 9 (which is her birthdate as well as the sum of her time of birth) to help others spiritually. This number is known to be highly mystical and spiritual in all cultures and religions.