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Yogamaya 9

Let go of your worries, forever!

Welcome to the abode of Yogamaya 9, a mystic, who guides people towards Self-realization- realization of truth (themselves) in this very birth. So, do not ask who is Yogamaya 9, if you really wish to be liberated forever, just ask yourself “Who am I?”

About Yogamaya 9

Yogamaya 9 is a mystic, spiritual poet, healer and guide who helps people attain Self-realization. She is a trained Kundalini Yoga practitioner. Her spiritual inclination has been evident since her childhood. Even as a child, she started singing classical devotional songs, which she had learnt from her grandmother.

If people ask Yogamaya 9 who she is, she instantly replies with a smile: “Ask this question to yourself. If you’ll know who you are, you’ll know who I am.” Yogamaya 9 was born to a Yogi and hails from a distinct spiritual lineage, which incorporates different mystical elements from different spiritual paths, which ultimately leads you to the oneness of light, love and compassion (truth).

Yogamaya 9 is deeply connected to Sai Hanuman and also carries the energy of the mystical number 9, through which she  heals people. Whatever your problem may be, Yogamaya 9 makes you come out of the problem by making you realize that you yourself are the ultimate solution to your problem. Below are videos with more information on Yogamaya 9.


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Samadhi Mandir Saibaba Shirdi


Shiva Satguru Saibaba Shirdi


Gurusthan Thursday Satguru Saibaba Shirdi


Faith Patience Shraddha Saburi Saibaba Shirdi

Youtube Videos

Listen, Learn and Relax

Yogamaya, a spiritualist, has created this YouTube channel to spread knowledge on various spiritual, religious, mystical and occult topics. The videos are for basic to advanced level spiritual practitioners (truth seekers) If you like her videos then please subscribe to her channel.

Quote of the day

Indeed, I’m blessed with twins in each lifetime. Hanuma and Shani, the apples of my eyes.

— Yogamaya 9